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Hairfall & Damage Control Organic Gooseberry Shampoo - Corn Rose Conditioner (2 x 350 ml / 12 fl oz)

Hairfall & Damage Control Organic Gooseberry Shampoo - Corn Rose Conditioner (2 x 350 ml / 12 fl oz)

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The shampoo is an expert remedy for hair-fall condition and follows a triple-action plan– promoting healthy scalp, strengthening hair roots and deep-conditioning hair. The mineral content of corn rose & hibiscus extract moisturizes & nourishes each strand, increase hair elasticity and repairs damage.


Everyday life takes a toll on hair; this impacts the moisture in hair making it frizzy and fragile, prone to breakage and a whole plethora of concerns like dandruff, itching and thinning. Natural ingredients cleanse hair without harming the hair follicles and nourish them for a better and healthier growth.

Why is amla known to be the best solution for scalp conditions ?

Indian gooseberry or Amla is known as the magic ingredient for all hair related problems in Ayurveda. Over the time hair follicles tend to lose the strength making hair brittle, prone to breakage and brings on premature greying. Amla reaches deep in the scalp and nourishes hair follicles enabling them to resume their regular functions. This prevents hair fall and your mane bounces back with health. Amla is extremely rich in vitamin c which makes it an excellent exfoliating agent. Being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, amla prevents scalp conditions from being aggravated, from soothing and calming the mind on the inside, amla treats split-ends and provides natural shine and luster by rejuvenating dull and damaged hair. Amla also takes care of chemically treated hair as it does not allow free radicals to effect hair, thanks to its anti-oxidant nature.

How does shikakai benefit the hair?

Shikakai tames wild hair and instils in them the beauty that will catch everyone's attention. Literally meaning 'fruit of the hair', shikakai is an all-natural herb that is capable of deeply conditioning the scalp and provide that touchable softness to the hair. Taking care of oil regulation in the scalp, shikakai works wonders for hair. Without stripping the hair of the natural oils, shikakai cleanses, tames the texture and provides the necessary nourishment to bring about that sheen, bounce and life back in your hair.

Why do hair experts swear by reetha?

Sapindus mukorossi or commonly known as reetha, is an excellent conditioning agent and it also called a scalp guard dissuading any kind of hair. Reetha contains saponin which has soap-like properties allowing for effective cleansing while nourishing the hair, making it softer to touch and pleasing to look at. Reetha's insecticidal properties do not let microbes to persist on the hair.

Why is a conditioner important after shampooing your hair ?

When hair is washed, with the impurities and dirt, an important substance is also lost to froth. This is called sebum which in other words is the oil secreted by sebaceous glands in the scalp to maintain moisture balance in hair and keep them from drying out. So, the conditioner is just a replacement for that lost sebum. It keeps hair shiny, healthy and soft. Benefits of using a conditioner with natural ingredients is evident from the fact that no unnecessary chemicals get to play with your scalp and damage the recently-washed hair follicles.

What are corn rose extracts and why are the beneficial for hair ?

palaver rheas or corn rose is a species of herbaceous plant known to have excellent moisture retention capability. The extracts of this corn rose when added to the conditioner make it butter soft and when applied on strands of hair and improving hair texture. With frequent use, the minerals in corn rose will give your hair volume which makes them bouncy with a strikingly beautiful shine. Corn rose extracts balance the moisture content of the scalp after hair wash and replenish the lost oils almost instantly providing for a healthy and gorgeous mane.

How is hibiscus extract good got hair ?

 from its roots to leaves to flower, every part of hibiscus is a boon to hair care. Being on a little acidic side, hibiscus is a great hair cleanser that also strengthens the roots controlling hair fall. Adding volume to your hair, hibiscus extracts help hair shine naturally. Hibiscus extracts deeply condition hair follicles and strengthen them facilitating hair growth.


Apply Vaadi shampoo on wet scalp and hair. Massage it gently into the scalp. After shampooing, take an appropriate amount of conditioner on your palm. Apply all over the hair working through ends. Wait 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. For best result use with Vaadi herbals shampoo.


Active ingredients : Coconut oil derivatives (cocos nucifera oil), amla extract (phyllanthus emblica), shikakai extract (acacia concinna), reetha extract (soapnuts), triphla extract (emblica officinalis), aloe vera extract ( aloe vera callus extract), organic honey ( mel extract), soya protein ( hydrolyzed soy protein), corn rose extract, hibiscus extract (hibiscus rosa-sinensis), grapefruit extract (vitis vinifera extract), heena extract (lawsonia inermis), dm water (aqua)

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Vaadi Organics is involved in very strategic procurement of a huge selection of organic ingredients for its entire range of personal care, spa, massage and aromatherapy applications. Organic ingredients are carefully selected for their quality and properties in skin, hair and complete beauty treatments. The range of ingredients sourced include therapeutic essential oils, berry seed oils, and some oils from the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. Read More